by Michael Trofern

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Any time there is trouble in the world, especially the Middle East, people wonder if this could be the one that will lead to the Apocalypse and return of Christ. Read this web site and you will learn a lot about what to look for to know whether we are at the end or not.


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I found some new evidence that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory
was NOT the dominate theory in the mid-19th century.

READ about the soon coming destruction
of Las Vegas
by a nuclear weapon.

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This article also destroys the any-moment Rapture theory.

“There is no Scripture which says we will be raptured before the tribulation. There obviously is a time when those who are Christ’s will be changed, but nowhere does it say when. Many have based their entire hope on the conjecture of a few men and women when the whole Bible is a testimony of God’s deliverance and victory through tribulation, not from it.” — Rick Joyner