A Prophetic Dream About A Bomb

August 29, 2011
by Michael Trofern

Last night I had a prophetic dream.

In the dream I was on a ship heading toward the United States. I then saw a map of the U.S. from space, showing the Gulf Coast states. While I was on this ship I was compelled by God to speak out loudly to my shipmates, “There is going to be a bomb!”

I then knew that a ship is going to bring a big bomb into the U.S. Gulf Coast. Whether it will be set off there or be taken somewhere else, I do not known. Nor do I know how large it will be, or whether it will be nuclear or a dirty bomb or a regular bomb.

There is so much cargo coming into the U.S. that it is impossible to search it all, but God can cause it to be found, but this time he is going to let it through.

For some reason, God wants me to publish this information. Why He wants me to publish such a nonspecific prophecy, I do not know. Perhaps we will be less shocked, and less questioning of God if we know that it is going to happen before it does. Perhaps it is best this way because at least we can know, after it happens, that God is in control of things and that he allowed this to happen.

The reason he will allow it is because the Christians in America are the lukewarm, Laodiceans. They are too rich and materialistic and God is going to put us through the fire in order to refine us as gold. God has been trying to warn us for many years, but most Christians will not listen to the prophets. Prophets have been crying out for several years now, and this is going to be the fulfillment of many of those predictions, at least to some extent. It will not be the only judgment that is yet to come, and may not be the next judgment to take place, but it will happen.

Some Christians will question God. God, why did you let this happen? Because God wants you to repent of greed and materialism. He is tired of the legalistic Christians who think they can turn the country toward God by outlawing sin. He is tired of the liberal lukewarm Christians who think it is Ok to go to casinos and gamble, or smoke pot, or . . . He is tired of the Native Americans spreading vice by building casinos everywhere.

We all need to repent, we need to fall on our faces and repent and cry out to God, and turn to God and worship Him and stop our sinful ways.


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