Articles relate to Islam and Bible Prophecy

For many more informative articles written by ex-Muslims, visit

Articles from the Derafsh Kaviyani web site which provides much evidence against Islam.
The Smoking Gun of the plan to takeover the world by an association of Islamic organizations.
2003/mecca.html Here are photos of the 10 horns with crowns on top!
Very Interesting History of Islam
2003/Islam and Terrorism –This is a quote from the book, Islam and Terrorism, that clearly states the goal of Islam is to takeover the world. Written by a former professor of Islamic history in Egypt.
2003/qutoes1.html This is another quote from the book, Islam and Terrorism that is very powerful. It will blow your mind.
2003/What Now for Iraq?
2000/tigerprophecy.html This is a prophetic dream I had about terrorism coming to America, which was fulfilled on 9-11.
2001/Islamic Empire I am not the only one that sees a coming Islamic Empire. This guy wrote a secular book on the subject.
2003/mecca.html Here are photos of Mecca and Madina showing the 10 horns and even the crowns on the horns of the beast.
2001/persecute1.html This article shows just what the Muslims are willing to do, and believe they are doing right.
2001/Prophetic Word–1
2002/Pictures of the Two Horned Beast Look at what appears to be two horns on top of Islamic tombs and buildings.
2002/Beast of Revelation
2002/The Struggle of Islam This is a quote from an article which was written by a missionary to the Arab world for 36 years.
2003/Islam Claims Israel and Europe
islam.html Rick Joyner predicts Islamic threat to the whole world.
The Truth About Ezekiel 38 This is an excerpt from my book that is on this web site, The Coming Islamic Empire.
2003/Persecution of Christians in Iraq
News Articles from the Web about Islam, Terrorism, and Bible Prophecy
The New World War A book excerpt that is very troubling, but not surprising.
Articles from Fordham University web site, the Internet Medievel Source Book which contains lots of original source material.
Quotes from the book, “The Arab Invasion of Egypt,” by Alfred Butler
Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests A few paragraphs from this book
Book Reviews of Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophecy, by Karen Armstrong. A horrible book.
The Battle of Yarmuk Military historians say that this is one of the most important battles in the history of the world and it was Muslims against Christians that ended with mass murder.
The Arab Invasion of Egypt Part 2 More great quotes from this book showing Islam as a religion of war and killing rather than peace.
The Arab Invasion of Egypt Part 3
The Arab Invasion of Egypt Part 4
The Arab Invasion of Egypt Part 5
Prophetic Timeline connects Mohammed with 666
The Mahdi Army
The Mahdi and Osama
Questions About Islam Written by a fellow who left Islam.

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