Links to Other Great Christian Web Sites

 do not necessarily agree with everything on all these sites.

Links To Great Christian Web Sites           BIBLE PROPHECY LINKS

Church Administrative Resource – Administrative Assistance offers tried and proven materials that you can easily implement and utilize in your church or ministry. 
Unleavened Bread Site has many pages of teaching and prophecies.
Temple Location: Site has the best info on where the Temples were located on the Temple Mount.
Pulpit Pimps Is against the get-money preachers.
A Wilderness Voice has many articles for your enlightenment.
In the Beginning has many articles for your enlightenment.
Wittenburg Door Magazine
Slice of Lodicea News and Commentary about the modern church
Christian World View Network also has lots of apologetics, very good.
The Stupider Effect — Great article urging Christians to be smarter!
Worthy News & Links – Christian News & Search Engine 
Prophecy Code: A new revelation for the last days; about Bible Prophecy
Books and CDs about Early Christianity
Prophecy for Today This site contains many prophetic messages for the Church today.
Institute for Bible and Science This is a gold mine of information on all kinds of subjects.
Fellowship of the Mystery This site contains articles against lukewarm, apostate Christianity, and proclaims much truth. Formerly- World Outreach Church
Lost Books of The Bible This site contains other books which contain much truth, such as 2 Ezra, Shepherd of Hermas and the TESTIMONY OF THE 12 PATRIARCHS.
Ben Israel– The Burning Bush This site has information about the Church and Israel, as well as other good stuff.
Intercessor’s Network A site with numerous articles and links to other web sites.
Prophetic Dreams and Visions Supersite by Andrew Storm in Austraila who predicts another Prostestant Reformation.
Harvest Network This site also has great articles and links.
Bible Archaeology, Search and Exploration Institute The Real Mt. Sinai Found! A video, two books, and a movie have been made from this discovery.
Voice of The Martyrs I recommend subscribing to their magazine and sending money to help Christians around the world.
Knowing God Personally
Online tracts and a book available for free online.
Christian Classics Library Great Bible Study site that has lots of articles such as the Early Church Fathers and more.
and Scroll Publishing sells books about early Christianity
Truth Miners— This site has a newsletter that debunks all the worthless conspiracy theories that some people have a propensity to invent.
Bible Land Shop is a web site in Israel but stuff you buy is shipped from a U.S. address.
Annointed Christian Links
Revival Library contains many articles and even a CD filled with info on the history of Revival.
Ancient Prophecies of the Future This site contains thousands of prophecies, from ancient times to the present, from Hebrews, Catholics, Protestants, and Nostradamus, and more. Use your best judgment when reading and analyzing nonBiblical prophecies.


A Few other Interesting Links    Religion of Peace My Ass  A Conservative Online News Site  This web site contains many articles mostly written by ex-muslims, exposing the falsehood of Islam. A VERY GOOD SITE.



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