Obama is God’s Judgment is On America

With record heat, record cold, floods, drought, and hurricanes, clearly God’s judgment is upon America. We also suffered through a really bad economic downturn. So why would we even believe that God was suddenly going to switch and give us a good president who would lead us into prosperity and preserve our freedom?

No, Obama is part of God’s judgment upon America. I found some videos on youtube that show Obama ridiculing the Bible, yet Christians believe his lying lips every time he says he is a Christian and quotes the Bible.

He is a lying deceiver and will bring only evil to this country as he is doing with Obama Care and his huge debts and so much more I will not even recount.

I know Christians have been praying, but for things to get better now, the spiritual condition of this nation would not change. People do not turn to God when things are going good. In order for the spiritual condition of this nation to change, things have to get really bad. So the more we pray for revival, the more we can expect things to get bad, because that is what it takes before people will repent and turn to God.

Great evil and hardship is coming to America.


Here are links to different copies of that video showing Obama ridiculing the Bible and Christians:


In this other video he refers to “the Holy Quran” several times:


Michael Trofern