Proof that the Universe is Billions of Years Old

by Michael Trofern (owner of this web site)

We all know that God created everything that exists in the universe, that includes mathematics and all the laws of the universe, such as gravity, light, and the speed at which light travels, which is 186,000 miles per second.

Because of these laws that God created, we can know for a fact that the universe is billions of years old. Take for example the billions of stars that can be seen and photographed with Hubble Space Telescope. Some of them are billions of light-years away. A galaxy that is 2 billion light years away means that it takes 2 billion years for the light from that galaxy to travel to earth at 186,000 miles per second.

The fact that we can see the light from that galaxy means, that it has been 2 billion years since the light left that galaxy and began traveling toward earth. There could in fact be other galaxies and stars next to that first galaxy that are only 1 billion years old, but we cannot see them and will not be able to see that they exist for another billion years, because they are so far away it takes 1 billion years for the light they give off to reach us. (There are in fact Christian astrophyisists who believe that the world is billions of years old, see this link for more: Reasons to Believe.) And this link: Age of the Earth.

I am sorry if this does not agree with your view of a 6,000 year-old earth, but the Bible does NOT say the earth is 6,000 years old. That is merely conjecture (speculation, guess) we make from reading the account of Adam and Eve, but our speculation is wrong. Two thousand years ago Favious Josephus wrote that the history of the Jews was at that time 5,000 years old.

The Bible says that when Cane was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he was afraid that he could be killed by the people living in cities. Where did those cities come from? People who believe in a 6,000 year-old earth say that Adam and Eve had many other children before then and that those children married each other and populated those cities outside the garden. This too is conjecture and wrong.

Part of the Law of Moses is that brothers and sisters are NOT allowed to marry each other. Yet, we are supposed to believe that God began the whole human race by having brothers and sisters marry each other. That is totally contrary to good sense, but they believe it because that is the only thing that fits their beliefs about the age of the world.

Is there another answer? Yes, I have a theory, and it is just a theory; I do not suggest that guesswork should be made into Church doctrine, unlike those who promote the 6,000 year old, young earth theory.

Here is the bases of my theory: If you listen to the myths, legends, and historical information of most native tribes throughout the world, you will learn that they believe they have lived here and been living as tribes for 30,000 years, or 40,000 years, and even longer. So how do we account for the Adam and Eve story? You will also notice that the Jews are what we call Caucasian, or white, but the native tribes are dark skinned. Asians also are not Caucasian. Therefore, my theory is that the native tribes were already here, just as they claim, but that Adam and Eve were the first Caucasian people.

I know any new theory will shock and dismay those who have believed the old theory. I am sure it was a mind blowing shock to learn that the sun does not revolve around the earth, but the opposite is in fact true. I do not believe this theory of mine is that radical, but it will still be attacked as racist, nonBiblical, and anything else the young earth people can think of. But it makes more sense than a universe filled with billions of stars that are only supposed to be 6,000 years old but are in fact billions of light-years away. This theory does not change anything about God or the character of God or salvation or anything else, so there is no reason to blindly hold onto the young earth theory against all physical evidence, which God gave us.


People are twisting my words, so I will give clearer information. IT CHANGES NOTHING, got it? I am NOT saying that salvation is only for white people, DID I SAY THAT? Does the Bible say salvation is also for Gentiles? YES. There are sure a lot of stupid people in the world.

And about Noah’s Flood, the Bible uses terms like “whole world” when it clearly does not mean the whole planet. For example it says the “whole world” traveled to Egypt to buy grain during the great famine, and there are many other examples.

Even the Roman Empire; they knew about India and even traded with India, so they knew they did not rule the entire planet, yet they made the boast that they ruled the world and that all roads led to Rome.

Therefore, when the Bible speaks of Noah’s Flood, either it was not global, or there were other Noah’s in other areas of the planet.

I am not in agreement with scientists when they propose ages of Earth and fossels. I believe they are wrong on a lot of their theories, but there is so much evidence which God himself created and put in front of us that the earth is billions of years old, that the young earth theory becomes ridiculous. It is no wonder that thinking people laugh at fundamentalists who insist on a 6,000 year-old earth.

We need to stop believing guesswork as if it were sound truth, and be open to new information as it becomes available.


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