The Bible Codes Exposed

by Michael Trofern

Last updated 2-2004 — Actual False CODES which shows Bible code searches that turned out false.)

Ever since the best selling book The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin in 1997, a lot has been written about the Bible codes which seems to indicate that the bible codes are real, but they are not.

The main reason is because they do not take vowels into account. The Hebrew alphabet contains only consonants, the vowels are indicated by markings, usually dots below or next to a letter. How many dots and where they are located indicate the vowel and the pronunciation.

When bible-code searches are done, they ignore the vowel markings, which means that the same series of consonants could represent several different words. They merely add whatever vowels they want to make the words they are looking for. Let’s look at examples in the English language; the words “quite” and “quit.” They have very different meanings but the only difference is the “e” at the end. Another example is “altar” and “alter.” Again, words with very different meaning but the only difference is one little vowel. Or “beer” and “bear.” Again, one little vowel changes the word completely.

Which means by inserting whatever vowels you want, you can create any message you want; which is why the bible codes are being used by many people to prove anything they want, such as to prove that Dallas James is the prophet Elijah (

The only way bible codes could be legitimate is if all the vowels were found right along with the consonants, which is not the case.

The books that have been written about the Bible codes will tell you, if you read them carefully, that they do not look for vowels, though they only mention it in passing because they do not what you to realize this point.

The argument the decoders use is that the Torah was not originally written with vowels, probably to save space since it was long and written on leather scrolls. The original scribes could read the Torah without vowels because they knew it so well. It was centuries before vowel markings were added. But none of this changes the fact that the coders insert whatever vowels they want. The vowels are removed or ignored in order to conduct a code search.

There is in fact a growing body of evidence from knowledgable people that shows the codes are false. Guy Cramer reports on his web site that he was originally a believer in the Bible codes until Dr. James Price, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga, TN, showed him negative phrases about Jesus in the codes. For example: “I desire/lust after treachery/fraud, Jesus is my violent name” ( Dr. Price even found negative statements about God, such as “God (is) an abomination and a diviner.” 

Cramer said Dr. Price,

“has now shown the ELS Phrase phenomenon to be a random occurrence that happens in all literature. There is nothing special about the mathematical significant occurrences in the bible good or bad. . . . The conclusions of Dr Price’s research should end any further research . . . God did not hide ELS codes in the Bible. The ELS codes do not prove divine authorship of the Hebrew Bible. This phenomenon will occur in all texts and all literature.”

Several scientific publications have published articles that refute the codes, such as Chance, a magazine of the American Statistical Association (May 1998), and Statistical Science (May 1999), the same journal that originally published the article that supposedly proved the Bible codes. But you don’t hear much about the refutation articles, such as Solving the Bible Code Puzzle, by Brendan McKay, Dror Bar-Natan, Maya Bar-Hillel, and Gil Kalai ( McKay found the assassinations of Gandhi and Nicaraguan president Somoza in Moby Dick.

The coders claim that the word “computer” is encoded in Daniel 12 where it says the book will be sealed up until the time of the end. But all thinking, descerning Christians should not believe such nonsense. The prophecies of Daniel are revealed by the Spirit of God, not by a computer.

The Bible was given to us as a revelation, an unveiling, which was in stark contrast to the pagan mystery religions. When Paul said, “I tell you a mystery” he was revealing that which had not been clearly known prior to his teaching– which is the purpose of the Bible; the Bible is God’s revealed Word, not his hidden word. That which is not clear in the Bible, is revealed by the Holy Spirit, therefore we have no use for Bible codes.

The coders say that you cannot use the codes to predict the future. If the codes were genuine, you could use them to predict the future. After all, if there is an event in the Bible codes, then why would it not come to pass? The reason you cannot predict the future with the codes is because, it is not just events that have happened which can be found in the codes, but events that have never happened. For example you could find “Franklin Roosevelt assassinated,” or “Noble Peace prize Hitler.” Why could you find events that never happened in the codes, because there are no actual events in the codes. Remember, the words only contain consonants and no vowels, so by adding the proper vowels, you can create any statement you want.

Prior to 2000 there was a web site that contained numerous search results showing great calamity coming upon the world because of Y2K ( The code search found: millennium, bug, destruction, electricity, powergrid (failure), telecommunication, panic, terror, dread, famine, hunger, starvation, plague, death, and more. We know that none of these events happened, which is strong evidence against the codes. The page has since been removed, but can still be seen on the internet archive:

The UnMuseum reports that one of the men that actually promotes the codes admits that “the assassination of Winston Churchill, who wasn’t killed at all but died of natural causes” can be found in the codes.

Therefore, the Bible codes, or what they supposedly are, can tell us nothing for sure, nothing absolute, which is the opposite of the Bible because the Bible contains absolute truth (when properly interpreted). The codes can tell us nothing about God, and nothing about the future, so they are of no use to thinking Christians.

If all the above is not enough for you, most of the findings in the codes are done with large ELS skips. Which is, the code programs will search skips up to 1,500 skips! This means there are up to 1,500 consonants between each letter that is used to spell a word! WOW! Think about that a minute. Is there any word or phrase that could not be found in the codes using that method?

I for one first believed the Bible codes, but I do not rely merely upon human reason; not mine or anyone else’s. So I enquired of God and he said the codes were false. I was surprised so I asked to understand why the codes were false and God told me it was because of the vowels, and because his book is not written in secret code.

We, as thinking Christians should never believe anything just because a respected minister says so. We should seek guidance from the Holy Spirit as to whether those things are true.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how much evidence is presented, most people believe what they WANT to believe.

I for one am a seeker of truth and have changed my views on various Bible subjects many times to line them up with truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” so why would anyone want to settle for less than the total truth? That is a mystery that may never be solved.

Here are some of the links that believe or show the code false:
Why I’m no Longer Researching the Codes

Bible Codes Commentary by The World, the Word & You! Broadcast Commentary by Dennis L. Finnan

Scientific Refutation of the Bible Codes by Brendan McKay and Friends. This site shows that codes can be found in the novel, Moby Dick and other places. This guy is writing a book on the subject and has found many such codes.

Bible Codes, Real or Fake Another good site that has information from experts that show the code to be false.

Another web site that has an analysis of the Bible Codes is:

P.S. For some reason some big-wigs on the internet have been discussing the bible codes. It was written by Brenden McKay and shows that according to the codes, Bill Gates could be the antichrist!! Not a surprise!!


In the introduction of the Sibylline Oracles I discovered something which could be the origin of the Bible codes. You must read it carefully, but I will explain afterwards:

Indeed it appears that even in the Roman books the expected answers were by no means found lying on the surface. The method of consultation was elaborate and artifical. One account of it avers [affirms] that a line was chosen at random, and an acrostic was made, with the letters composing this line as the “lights”: verses beginning with the appropriate letters were then discovered in the oracles and perhaps composed for the occasion. (Sibylline Oracles, Book III-V, Rev. H. N. Bates, Macmillan Company, New York, 1918, page 12)

Did you catch that? A line is taken at random then each letter of the line is written down on a sheet of paper, then other lines are found which begins with those letters. This is not exactly like the Bible code but it is very similar, and so it could be the foundation of the code. Which brings us to something similar again, yet different; ELA, or English Letter Arrangement code, where people are using the English bible to do the same thing!!!!

See my other article on the new English Letter Arrangement code or (ELA)


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